Areas of practice

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It is the Department of State (DS) that will handle out of country visas as well as immigration processing at embassies and consulates, while USCIS handles all in-country visa processing.

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In tax disputes, you will normally receive a notice of deficiency, or a letter indicating the IRS requires additional documentation to support your tax submission.

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Business / Contracts

We offer support in contract negotiations, review, and drafting for both federal government and non-government related bids and negotiations.

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Criminal Defense

How do you define security? Good advice and excellent counsel are important aspects to any legal situation.

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Family law

Although your first meeting with your attorney may sound intimidating, it does not have to be! Generally, folks come to speak to us about divorce, or other adversarial situations.

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While researching case law and conducting depositions, there are times when forensic audits and "boots on the ground" are needed to complete a legal case.