Investigation Services

While researching case law and conducting depositions, there are times when forensic audits and "boots on the ground" are needed to complete a legal case. Investigation services include three divisions:

East Coast Legal Group uses a sophisticated suite of online tools, coupled with access to criminal, civil, and government databases across the United States. Additionally, we have trained investigators available for family law and criminal defense. Services may be purchased independently or in conjunctions with legal representation. 

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Online Criminal Investigations

If you need to conduct an online criminal investigation, there are numerous online records that can be quickly and easily accessed, and that will provide you with valuable information. Court records, including criminal records and driving records, are the best sources of information, while you can also investigate using online background checks.

Types of Helpful Online Records

To begin your online criminal investigation, you need to pinpoint which types of online records will be best for you to obtain. Court records are an example of available information that is useful for conducting an online criminal investigation.

Court records, except for juvenile records or in special cases when a judge seals the records, are available to the public and include court case files for both criminal court and civil court. From criminal records you can discover trial proceedings, arrest warrants, case resolutions, pleadings and trial transcripts.

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